Friday, December 20, 2013

NBC Publishing & Universal Pictures Release “47 Ronin: The Legend Reborn”

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Just in time to coincide with the Christmas Day release of the Universal Pictures feature film 47 Ronin—and with eBook tablets appearing in stockings hung by the chimney with care—NBC Publishing and Metrodigi have collaborated on development of the companion work 47 Ronin: The Legend Reborn, a dazzlingly designed book with spectacularly vibrant movie stills and extensive details about the film’s plot, characters, and design.

47 Ronin, a reimagining of an inspiring legend that is Japan’s unofficial national epic, stars Keanu Reeves as a half-British, half-Japanese outcast who aids a band of samurai in their quest for vengeance after the treacherous death of their lord.

This production, the first English-language big-screen version of an oft-filmed story (it’s also been the subject of many plays, books, and other accounts), introduces fantasy elements to the traditional tale, including demon monks, a shape-shifting witch, and other malevolent creatures. But the foundation is a timeless tale of devotion, of selfless attention to duty, honor, and loyalty.

47 Ronin: The Legend Reborn captures the film’s grand sweep, as well as its dynamic cinematography and design, full of kinetic action, imaginative visual concepts, and bold, lush colors.

The eBook includes a trailer for 47 Ronin, cast member bios, comments from Reeves and key crew members, image galleries of film footage, behind-the-scenes photos, and virtual posters. From right inside the book, readers can share postcards of the lead characters on Facebook and Twitter, plus interact with the film’s various social media platforms—not only Facebook and Twitter but also Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube—as well as access the official 47 Ronin website.

Available on the iBookstore.

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