Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Look at the New Nook: Now In Technicolor!

I've been using the new Nook Color from Barnes & Noble for a few weeks and must say I'm very impressed...and relieved.

You see, I was one of those who added to the chorus of disappointment in the original Nook when it was released about a year ago. But this new device really delivers and it's great to see B&N introduce a product that rightfully puts them back in the e-Reader game in a big way!

The design of the device itself is quite attractive, though I still don't quite understand what the purpose of the open bottom-left corner is, other than giving it a distinguishable look (which ain't a bad thing I guess). It definitely can't be intended for hanging it on your backpack or keyring 'cos one thing you'll notice the moment you pick this baby up is that it's got a little bit of heft, especially if compared to the weight of a Kindle 3, which is significantly lighter.

That said this 7" e-Reader is by no means a burden to carry and when placed within a nice leather protective case you'll find it very comfortable to hold.

And Nook Color is SO much faster than the first Nook, which after several software updates is still a bit sluggish and quirky due to its hybrid attempt at having both Android color and E-Ink screens. But this new Nook is all Android with a gorgeous full color screen and navigations that are thoughtful and intuitive.

If you're concerned about the LCD screen and reflection issues, all I can say is there's a film layer that does a good job of cutting down on light interferences and seems to have no negative effect on the response of the touchscreen.

If you're concerned about glare that might tire your eyes, all I can say is the background color options for the pages can really make all the difference. And we're not just talking black with white text for nighttime reading or sepia to imitate paper of olden times, but also mocha, gray, and one I've come to appreciate called butter.

Best of all the Nook Color delivers simple functionality. Features such as sharing, highlighting, note taking, bookmarking, looking up word definitions, and changing font size are easy to master, and all with the touch of a finger.

Yes, yes, you can also surf the web, read magazines, play chess, listen to music, and much more, but these are not the kind of bells & whistles to care about if what you're looking for is a great reading experience. If those types of things are most important, then I suggest getting yourself an iPad. ;-)

If you do decide to buy a Nook Color or receive one as a gift, be sure to take advantage of the special promotions B&N feeds to the device everyday. And don't forget to bring it with you whenever visiting one of the superstore's locations because you'll benefit from unique in-store opportunities as well.

Already own a Nook Color? If so, what do you think of it?

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