Monday, April 1, 2013

Defiance: A Groundbreaking Immersive Experience in an eBook

***Reprinted from Metrodigi Blog

This groundbreaking show, set in 2046, and its connected massively multiplayer online game will be taking interactive entertainment to a whole new level—with events in the game influencing what happens on the show and vice-versa. Naturally, the eBook we created for it, Defiance: The Essential Guide, had to be every bit as cutting edge.

Since an immersive experience is what the show and game creators were after, we made each page full of surprises, with additional content revealed to readers as they tap and explore. The show and game get their name from the town of Defiance—built on what used to be St. Louis, Missouri—so we’ve included a 3D aerial view of the town with points that can be tapped to reveal pictures and information about town landmarks. Videos with details on the production of the show are interspersed throughout the eBook, as are galleries of concept art and behind-the-scenes photos.

After viewing the construction of massive sets, elaborate makeup transformations, and the creation of two complete alien languages, there’s a strong sense of just how ambitious a project 
Defiance is. And speaking of those alien languages, did we mention the eBook even includes a Votan/Human translator?

 Defiance game world lets you play as an Ark Hunter, “a specialist in survival, combat, and tracking who braves dangerous frontiers to locate and retrieve lost relics of alien or advanced origins in return for great financial rewards.” In other words, you become a mercenary with mad skills. You become even more powerful if you find all the hidden codes in the eBook and enter them at

After exploring the eBook, we think you’re going to be as psyched about 
Defiance as we are. If you want to spread the word, you can do so by sending free postcards featuring Defiance characters directly from the eBook.

Watch the
 show. Play the game. Read the eBook. Join the fight!

Also available for Kindle Fire and 
 Nook Tablet.

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